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Sunday, July 24, 2011

What you need to know as a parent about ADHD symptoms.

What you need to know as a parent about ADHD symptoms.

It is hard to separate the ADHD child from other children since the symptoms are similar to those of normal child behaviors. For many parents, this just adds to their frustration. The symptoms can also come in varying degrees and types, adding to this frustration. One instance alone then, cannot determine that a child is ADHD. Only a trained professional can make this proper assessment. Below we talk about 3 symptoms of ADHD in hope of shedding some light on the disorder.

ADHS symptoms
One symptom is the ADHD child has a tremendously hard time with following through with something, and it's usually instructions of some kind. This basically means that even tasks outside of school can be difficult for them to complete without constant reinforcement. However it is important not to mistake normal amounts of energy in children as an absolute sign of ADHD. Parents in general worry about their child’s overall energy levels. It is easy for a parent who is worried about their child to wonder if ADHD might be the problem. So it is imperative that you consider all of the possibilities.

One area that is often seen in ADHD children concerns the ability to be organized. What we mean is the way your child approaches organizational tasks. This may seem beyond the scope of their abilities but the fact is every age has organizational abilities. This is important to note because the average child will begin displaying organizational behaviors relatively young. How long have you seen these behaviors? it's important to note the length of time in which you have notice a particular behavior.

If someone is speaking, an ADHD child will often appear to not be listening. However, parents over time have felt that their children do not pay attention. This is common behavior that everyone experiences at some point in their life. The average child will go through this at some time in their life. The length as well as the frequency of these time frames are different for a child with ADHD. One important clue is how the child seems to act when he or she is being directly spoken to.

If you feel that your child has these symptoms and they have been ongoing, then the next step is to contact your family doctor.
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  1. My 14 year old daughter is ADHD too and it’s the same. I went to my Doctor and tells me that he saw some adhd symptoms to my son and put on Xanax. I guess the best way to deal with is it accept it as it is and take care of yourself. Use consistency on discipline and educate yourself about it. Yelling and screaming don’t work although sometimes unavoidable, it’s more for us than for them.


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