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Saturday, July 9, 2011

Stress Tests for the Heart

Stress Tests for the Heart

The Stress Test As An Important Diagnostic Tool In Medicine. Our bodies are hardwired to perform certain functions during times of heightened stress. The body also has predictable biochemical reactions. One well-known reaction to stress is increased heart rate. That simply means your blood pressure and heart rate both increase to help your body cope with the stressful situation. Stress tests are performed because they are considered the perfect method to gauge the strength of your heart as well as its limitations if higher demands are placed on it.

Thallium is one radioactive compound used in nuclear stress tests. You have to remember that there is no danger to the body because very small amounts are used. Thallium becomes less radioactive over time and it is also removed naturally from the body quite speedily.

Stress Tests for the Heart
Thallium helps to create an image of your heart chambers so that doctors can get an idea of their size. Using this data, doctors can determine what state your heart is in as well as other matters. A doctor can use these representations to determine how strong your heart is and how well it can pump blood. When a doctor looks at images of the heart pumping blood, they can also determine if there is any existing heart damage.
The Isotope stress test a regular form of stress test. The word isotope, in the case of this test, represents certain low-level radioactive chemicals. The nuclear stress test is another general name by which the isotope stress test goes. Additionally, the isotopes themselves can be diverse, including Thallium.

Some trade names include Cardiolite and Myoview, and they signify a certain combination of nuclear isotopes being used. Much depends on the specific method employed for the test, and another common name for a specific type is the dual isotope stress test. Since the healthy part of the heart will absorb more of this radioactive tracer, it will be clearly visible to doctors after a scan.

Various factors can influence the reliability of the isotope stress test.A particular heart rate must be reached and the image must also be quite clear. If these important factors are satisfied, then this type of stress test can offer a reliable diagnosis in approximately 85% of coronary artery disease cases. A 100% rate of accuracy is impossible because there are so many other variables that play a role. There are many other conditions that can impact an accurate diagnosis, including false positives.

As you can see, there are numerous uses for the cardiac stress test. Your cardiologist is the best person to determine the needs of your particular situation. It is very vital that you account for the fact that all tests are restricted in some way and that the cardiac stress test has the same restrictions. Much depends on achieving the correct conditions such as optimal heart rate, for example. Stress tests with pictures rely on the quality of the pictures. There are certain natural circumstances and situations that can impact the quality of images too.

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