Is Drinking Coffee Good or Bad for Your Health?

Is Drinking Coffee Good or Bad for Your Health? 

There is much debate whether drinking coffee is good or bad for your health. Many people are under the impression that coffee has a negative impact on health but new research indicated that 1 or 2 daily cups of "Joe" can have a positive impact on overall health. However, research also indicates that consuming too much coffee is bad for your health. Some studies indicate that drinking more than three or four cups each day would fall beneath the banner of "excessive." Keep reading to learn more about the potential effects of drinking coffee on your health. 

Is Drinking Coffee Good or Bad for Your Health?
Coffee is well known around the world for its effects as a stimulant. It can help make them feel more alert and more awake. Many people use it for that purpose after a sleepless night. Some people are actually overstimulated by consuming coffee. As a result some people exhibit symptoms of anxiety and irritability. It also decreases your ability to resist stress and that makes the anxiety even more pronounced. The adrenal glands can become exhausted by consistent overstimulation over a period of time. Drinking coffee has also been linked to a reduction in the risk of developing gout in men. 

Gout is a painful inflammation in the joints that happens on a recurring basis. Most patients report the joint of the big toe being the worst affected, although other patients may be affected in the ankles, knees, wrists and fingers as well. The end result is joints that are tender and painful that may or may not be red and swollen. In addition to causing gout, a high level of uric acid in the body may also cause kidney stones. Yet research has shown that drinking coffee can decrease the incidence of gout by helping to reduce uric acid levels. 

Unfortunately for those people trying to lose weight, drinking coffee could be hampering your progress. In fact caffeine actually increases your likelihood of long term weight gain. You might think in the short term that you can lose more weight by drinkng more coffee each day. This happens as a result of the diuretic effect of coffee, you'll initially lose water weight but not fat. Your caffeine consumption isn't helping your blood sugar levels either. This actually stimulates your appetite, making you feel hungrier. 

It certianly won't help if you are also adding cream and sugar in your coffee, since you'll be increasing your overall calorie intake. In conclusion you aren't likely to see any harmful effects from moderate consumption of caffeine but too much could cause you problems. There are health risks involved in drinking excessive amounts of any caffeinated beverage. In order to avoid these problems be diligent with your monitoring and self control. Moderation is key here.


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