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Aspergers Symptoms in Children You Should Know About

Aspergers Symptoms in Children You Should Know About

Although Aspergers syndrome is a kind of autism, it's considered a mild type and children begin showing symptoms quite early. While there are many symptoms of Aspergers, many of them can also occur in other situations, so it's always necessary to have a qualified person test your child if you think he or she has this problem. The following are some common Aspergers symptoms you should be aware of.

Aspergers Symptoms
Differences in speech that most people take for granted are hard for a child with Asperger's to understand. Part of how people understand what is being said is by listening to the tone of voice used and the way the words are pronounced. A person who has Asperger's won't be able to key into the emotional intention of the speaker because they have a hard time processing such ques. Humor where words aren't used literally, such as irony or sarcasm, will be difficult for them to understand. Another Aspergers symptom is being unusually sensitive to light, sound or other sensory input. Some Aspergers kids will have an aversion to light or loud sounds not to mention some smells and foods. You may find them refusing to eat certain textures or smells. In some cases, the child may react to something in the environment that others barely notice at all, such as a certain sound, shape or odor. Parents and teachers alike will have to learn what will bother the child as it may be difficult to predict There are treatments that may modify this.

Another symptom of Aspergers is moving in a strange way or making faces that seem out of place. Children with Aspergers may make movements for no apparent reason that appear strange to others. In general, their movements and facial expressions are very personal and don't always connect to anything external.

People often find their motions and facial expressions perplexing. Very often, children with Aspergers will not return a smile or laugh, and typically will avoid eye contact. Autistic children in general have similar symptoms, but in more extreme cases it prevents them from living any kind of normal life, whereas with Aspergers the symptoms are much milder.

Aspergers syndrome has a variety of symptoms, so it's not always easy to diagnose a child and you have to have someone familiar with this condition look at them to be sure. The above symptoms of Aspergers are ones many children with this disorder will display, and the sooner it's diagnosed, the sooner you can figure out a plan to work with the child in a productive way.


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