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Friday, July 22, 2011

Selecting the Right Medication for Lyme Disease

Selecting the Right Medication for Lyme Disease

This condition is not all that easy to diagnose. You should already know that it is spread through tick bites (most of the time). The first symptom is a "bulls eye" rash that appears on the skin after being bitten by a tick. Once in a while you won't realize you are having the symptoms until it's gone so far that you are having major symptoms. This disease is treatable. You may have already heard about a lot of the treatment options available for Lyme disease. There are also some great treatments that will help you deal with the symptoms of the disease.

Selecting the Right Medication for Lyme Disease
As the stages get higher for the ailment, the individual often times has to contend with really painful swelling of the joints. For the most part, this takes place in the knees, but can also appear in other parts of the body. While courses of anti-biotic or intravenous drug treatments are usually required to cure the pathogens of the disease, you can also ask your doctor for cortisone injections to help ease the pain of your swollen joints. 

This won't cure the disease, but it is a Lyme disease treatment that can make it easier to deal with, especially during recovery. When you are a victim of Lyme disease, you will have to suffer from a lot of pain. This is sadly one of those diseases that can harm everything from your joints to your muscles to your brain. A lot of people who have Lyme disease have to endure a lot of muscle pain and headaches. 

The most efficient method of healing the syndromes of Lyme disease is to buy over the counter pain relievers, like Ibuprofen or Tylenol. These treatments won't heal the illness alone (only powerful prescription meds are able to do that) although they can help you do a better job at confronting the syndromes.

Some people insist that "Food Therapy" is a good Lyme disease treatment. The food you eat being geared toward helping you fight off disease infection is what food therapy is all about. Vitamin C and Garlic are the two foods that help with Lyme Disease. These two ingredients are popular for boosting your immune system. This should help a lot of your medications do their jobs so that you can defeat the disease that is trying to take hold in your body. Talk to your doctor about adding these supplements to your medication regimine. There aren't very many options to choose from for managing Lyme disease. 

The way to get over the ailment is exclusively through prescription medications that can be provided by your doctor or a hospital. This doesn't mean, though, that you have run out of options when it comes to make the symptoms of the ailment easier to endure. It may take quite awhile to get over the sickness in its entirety. Make sure you talk to your doctor about ways to keep the symptoms from becoming too much for you to handle.
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