What are the Causes of Autism

What are the Causes of Autism?

Autism is having an impact on more and more families, as an increasing number of children are being diagnosed with this developmental disorder. Much is known about autism, and yet much is still unknown about it, and as you may know a lot of time and money has been poured into this area of medical disease. This article will discuss some particular possible contributors that have some air of possible responsibility for the onset of autism.

What are the Causes of Autism
Many researchers seem to believe that autism may have an associated genetic link. Autism does tend to run in families, and parents with autistic family members are more likely than average to have autistic children. Genetics do have a role in the condition, but experts agree there are other factors to take into consideration. Children are more susceptible to autism if there is a link within the family, but there is some debate as to whether the environment in which the child is raised in may play a part. Scientists are still researching this particular link and as more is learned it should become clearer which genes play a part in autism.

There has been evidence of a link between the age of parents when they have a child being a possible cause for autism. There is evidence to support that the age of the mother is relevant in whether a child will have autism or not. While the father's age can also be a factor, it is less of one than the mother's age. In recent years there has been an increase in the number of autism cases and this can be explained by the fact that more parents seem to be waiting longer to have children. Wealthier nations or nations that are developed, show this trend more than others. This is not a black and white cause since, young parents give birth to autistic children and older parents give birth to healthy children. Statistically speaking though, older parents are more likely to have children with this condition.

Through the years, many researchers have asserted that autism may happen, due to viral infections. There is some research to support the belief that at least a few autistic kids have affected immune systems, as a result of being exposed to some viruses and autistic people are more likely to get some of the afflictions associated with the immune system.

Some hypothesize that the herpes virus could be one root of autism however this has been be completely proven. Substantially, a majority of scientists hypothesize that autism it causes by a variety of factors, and viruses could potentially be one of them. On the account that is widely accepted that genetics are a contributing factor to autism, it might be that viruses cause autism in children who are already predisposed to this sickness because of their genetics. There is a wide variety of roots that make autism happen, and it will more than likely be a ways in the future that there will be a compromise about why this condition takes place. The instigators of autism talked about above cannot, therefore, be deemed as the final word on this matter however they are each worth being investigated more.


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