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Facts About Kidney Stones and What Causes Them

Facts About Kidney Stones and What Causes Them 

Even medical experts aren't always sure what causes kidney stones, but there are some identifiable factors. Kidney stones can occur due to your diet, genetics, lifestyle and many other contributing factors. In some cases, knowing what caused kidney stones gives you a clue about how to cure them. So we'll now take a look at some of the common reasons people develop kidney stones. Since calcium kidney stones are so prevalent, the common view was that dairy products could be a contributing factor. 

Kidney Stones and What Causes Them
Of course that is accurate that a specific compound made of calcium is the main component in one variety of stone. However, what is now known is drinking milk and eating cheese will not increase your risk for kidney stones. But that oxalate compound is found in some vegetables and nuts, and it should be avoided if you are at risk for kidney stones. There is no need to overreact by refusing to eat foods, or liquids, that have calcium in them. 

If you are prone to this condition, ask your doctor what type of foods or supplements containing calcium that it's safe for you to take. Less prevalent than calcium stones, but still fairly common are uric acid kidney stones. When there's a large quantity of uric acid in the urine, this kind of stone can occur. People on high protein diets, or who are dehydrated are especially at risk for uric acid stones. If you've ever had gout, you are especially at risk for uric acid stones. Type 2 diabetes is another common risk factor for this type of kidney stones. Therefore, you should pay attention to these points and consult your doctor about how to minimize the risks of developing kidney stones. 

Obesity is one risk factor for kidney stones that you should be aware of. There seems to be a definite weight problem for many Americans, and that is causing huge consequences for everyone. You can help yourself by avoiding junk foods and consuming more fruits and vegetables. One very disturbing phenomena is the increased incidence of what were previously adult diseases in teens and younger children. 

At least eliminating a majority of poor quality nutrition foods, and drinks, plus some regular weekly work out can work wonders for you. Kidney stones, as we've noted in this article, can be traced to many different causes. The reasons you may develop this problem will depend on the type of kidney stones you have, as some varieties are more likely to be caused by diet whereas others can be caused by bacteria. All anyone can do is work with the available facts, but that is still a significant amount of information.


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