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Friday, August 12, 2011

3 Reasons to Make Green Tea Your Beverage of Choice

3 Reasons to Make Green Tea Your Beverage of Choice

Research into alternative healing foods is flourishing, and in the case of green tea much has been learned, already. Green tea does contain caffeine, in lesser amounts than coffee; so it is applicable for weight loss plus certain antioxidants for heart health. The green tea show is not over by a long shot, and there is even more information and uses for this food. Keep reading to find out three terrific benefits of green tea and why you really should consider consuming it.

Green Tea
Let's start with your heart and blood pressure because green tea can help you in both areas. It also lowers bad cholesterol and helps the body to burn fat more efficiently, which are all important when it comes to preventing and managing cardiovascular disease. That is pretty amazing, we think, because when you drink it on a regular basis you can achieve these amazing results with your blood pressure, cholesterol, and weight. But, if you wanted to address those issues with yourself, you should ideally take in four cups of tea each day. Green tea also comes as a decaffeinated tea, as well, just in the event you don't want to consume that much caffeine.

Millions of people have arthritis and other bone/joint diseases, and green tea has been implicated as having healthy qualities for those conditions. Green tea accomplishes this with its antioxidants and anti-inflammatory substances. There are so many positive effects from taking green tea every single day, and if you have arthritis then that's another reason to try it for a while.

This is good news for the many people who suffer with this kind of ailment, and for those who want to avoid such problems as they get older.

Another amazing quality of green tea is that it can help you with blood sugar regulation.

This is great news for those with diabetes; however we have to advise that your doctor should always be consulted in matters such as this one. It is the proper regulation with insulin sensitivity that green tea seems to have a positive effect on. Green tea would be useful to some degree with those who have a hard time absorbing insulin. The overall positive effects of green tea still should be considered even if a person does not have diabetes. The health benefits found in green tea are just so incredible, we feel at least. You'll find that green tea is not expensive, and it is safe for just about anyone. So there it is - we hope you will feel excited and inspired to go out and get some green tea, today, and then use it every day for fantastic health.

There are excellent, unique, and powerful benefits of green tea; and what else will come out is anyone's guess. How you decide to take-in this plant food is up to you, so maybe it's best to talk to your knowledgeable health store consultant. Of course you need to take it regularly so you can experience all the benefits.
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