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Monday, October 10, 2011

Convincing Reasons Why You Need To Drink Green Tea

Why You Need To Drink Green Tea

Green tea has been delivering its healthy properties for over a thousand years to the people in various Asian countries. But the word has spread far and wide about this amazingly healthy plant, even though not all of the possibilities are known. What's more, since the scientific community has begun studying green tea, there are positive signs that certain medical problems can be helped with this plant food. You can consume either caffeinated or decaffeinated green tea; or even take it as a supplement in capsule form if that's easier for you. What's next is some information about several of the major positive contributions green tea can make in your life.

Green Tea
Green tea can help your cholesterol, which is a very important for your cardiovascular and overall health. There's wonderful news about this because what happens is this plant can lower your total cholesterol count, and then it also increases levels of HDL cholesterol (the good stuff). Both animal and human research experiments have shown the positive results on cholesterol levels. Of course it's necessary to take green tea on a daily basis for best and most consistent results.

Millions of people have arthritis and other bone/joint diseases, and green tea has been implicated as having healthy qualities for those conditions. The reason for this is because of anti-inflammatories within green tea, plus as mentioned the class of antioxidants, as well. This means that regular consumption of green tea can help to prevent such conditions and, for people who already have them, help to control the painful symptoms.

Anything that can contribute to reducing the overall symptons, as well as offering other healthy benefits, should be seriously considered.

Consuming green tea is also a good method of detoxification, as it helps the liver to work more efficiently. You can also give your overall immune system a boost thanks to catechins which are antioxidants. The overall benefit is your liver is supported in its function of keeping the house clean, so to speak, and there's nothing but good about that. To get the most protection from green tea, you would ideally consume three to four cups every day, or the equivalent of this in supplement form.

You can find green tea with no problem at all, also the cost is very reasonable; plus it's all natural and safe to use. As we said, it's available for consuming as a tea, and there are also capsules available. 

Many people find that it's a healthy and relaxing substitute for coffee, soda or energy drinks. Actually, there are other great benefits of green tea, and that is a great reason to consider adding it to your daily diet. Green tea really does seem like it promotes health for the entire body.

We've really only had time to mention but a few of the many benefits of green tea. This food is flexible because you can take it as capsule, other food alternatives, and of course drink the tea. Of course you need to take it regularly so you can experience all the benefits.
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