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Thursday, October 20, 2011

LitterMaid Automatic Self-Cleaning Litter boxes

Important Facts About LitterMaid Automatic Self-Cleaning Litter boxes

LitterMaid products are highly sought after by those who hate cleaning out their cat's litter box since many of the Litter Maid models are self cleaning. Opinions about the different models of Litter Maid products vary widely among consumers. Keep reading for a review of some LitterMaid products including the good, the bad and the ugly.

LitterMaid Automatic Self-Cleaning Litter boxes
An advantage that is popular among users is the odor control caused by the use of airtight containment of waste that is raked into the container unlike a traditional box where the waste just sit until you scoop it out. There's also an ionic air cleaner that freshens the air. For many cat owners, the odor of the litter box is the main disadvantage of having a cat, which makes this an attractive solution. The one disadvantage of this machine is that you still have to clean the rakes and change the filters regularly. One accessory that you can consider is a box cover to control the smell even more and this is an accessory available to you.

Needing a self-cleaning litter box but don't want to spend a lot of money, then the LitterMaid One-Step Litterbox is a semi-automatic unit. Unlike their more expensive units, you have to step on a pedal to get the rake to sweep away the waste. This unit is much easier that scooping the litter box out and more sanitary. Like fully automated models, the One-Step comes with a four waste receptacle and four carbon filters that also controls odors. You can take the rake out that makes it easy to clean. Getting the semi-automated litter box that sells for $69 rather than the fully automated one that is $100 may fit better for your budget.

The biggest complaint users of LitterMaid boxes have is that the cleaning rake sometimes jams. The rake doesn't always get all of the waste into the container, either, so it's not a perfect solution. The rake needs to cleaned regularly since the clumping litter can clog it.

These issues can outweigh the benefits of a self cleaning litter box for some people. Customer reviews of these products show a difference in opinion about how well they work. Individual models have a tendency to malfunction, so if yours starts to have problems, call Litter Maid’s customer service for repair or a replacement part.

This is a great alternative to the traditional litter box. Some users however have issues with the rakes failing especially if they've used the wrong litter. The fact is, when it comes to litter boxes, there are no ideal solutions, so you have to figure out what type is best for you and your cats.
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