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Quantity Surveyor In Indonesia

In Indonesia, currently Quantity Surveyor is one of the promising career. The need for a reliable and qualified QS is needed. Currently, the real estate business which is rapidly growing need plenty Quantity Surveyor to assist the business to run properly and quickly.

The QS often reports to Project Manager, Project Director or Architect and provides advice in the decision-making process throughout the management of a project from initial inception to final completion. The QS handles estimating and cost control, the tendering process and, after contract award, the commercial interface. QSs should be able to carry out estimating and measurement of construction works prior to tender, producing the bill of quantities; produce tender documentation and manage the tender process; clarify and evaluate tenders; and manage the resultant contract through monthly valuations, variations control, contract administration and assessment of claims.

quantity surveyor indonesia
quantity surveyor indonesia

Some QSs are trained in techniques of cost control. Those QSs who emphasise the cost discipline often use the term "Construction Cost Consultant". They ensure that projects are designed and constructed in such a manner as to secure value for money, cost certainty and programme dates.

Others emphasise contracts management. Trained to draft, interpret and administer complex contracts, those QSs who operate in the broader field of project management often adopt other titles such as "Contracts manager" or "Construction surveyor". A number of QSs work in procurement in the oil & gas industry, process and power industries, and civil engineering. Their preferred title, in countries where the QS profession is less known, is "Contracts engineer".

Some QSs specialise in project management and running multi-disciplinary projects, the QS background being a good foundation for understanding the complexities of modern large-scale projects.

As well as in professional quantity surveying practices, the Quantity Surveyor finds employment in all parts of industry and government including primary and secondary industry, national and local government bodies and agencies, contractors and subcontractors, developers, and financial and legal companies.

Although all QSs will have followed a similar course of education and training (for those entering the profession today, this is usually to degree level), there are many areas of specialisation in which a QS may concentrate. The main distinction amongst QSs is between those who carry out work on behalf of a client organisation, often known as a "professional quantity surveyor", and those who work for construction companies, often known as a "main contractor's quantity surveyor".

A contractor's QS is responsible for the performance of operations that mirror those of the owner's QS; i.e., the measurement and pricing of construction work, but specifically that actually performed by the contractor (and the contractor's subcontractors) as opposed to the construction work described and measured in the construction contract between the owner and the contractor. Such a difference in quantity of work may arise from changes required by an owner, or by an architect or engineer on an owner's behalf. Typically, the settlement of a change (often referred to in a contract as a 'variation'). (See the following reference sources: "Fundamentals of Construction Estimating and Cost Accounting," by Keith Collier (2nd ed.) (Prentice-Hall, 1987); "Construction Contracts," by Keith Collier (3rd ed.) (Prentice-Hall, 2001) These two texts each contain a comprehensive glossary.)

The role of a contractor's QS will extend further than the day to day running of building projects and will cover such other areas as sub-contract formation, forecasting of costs and values of the project, cash flow forecasts and the collation of the operation and maintenance manuals of the project (O&M manuals). This increase in the capacity of the surveying profession has led to an increased demand for qualified personnel and goes some way to explaining the popularity of related degrees at university.

Some contractors and others may attempt to rely on a general accountant to deal with construction costs, but usually this is not effective, primarily because an accountant does not have the technical knowledge to accurately allocate costs to specific items of work performed, especially at times prior to the particular work's completion as required to make accurate assessment of the amounts to be paid to the contractor during the course of the work.

The typical salary of a quantity surveyor depends largely on the level of experience of the individual and the sector or region they are working in. A 2010 survey of the construction and built environment industry showed that the average annual salary for a quantity surveyor in the UK is £38,121. The average salary varies depending on experience, those with between 3 and 6 years’ experience earn on average £25,791, whereas those with 20 or more years, £43,514.00.

There are many quantity surveyors who run their own business. In recent years, many quantity surveying companies have become more recognized because they are a critical link between trade contractors, construction companies, builders and financiers. They monitor the costs and evaluate the progress of building projects for their clients in the financing and construction industries. Therefore, the salary of self-employed quantity surveyors will vary depending on the scope and location of the projects and their hourly rate.

The functions of a consultant quantity surveyor :
  • Traditionally referred to as a Contractors Quantity Surveyor (QS), Professional Quantity Surveyor, Project Quantity Surveyor (PQS) Private Practice Quantity Surveyor they are broadly concerned with contracts, measurement and costs on construction projects. The methods employed, however, cover a range of activities which may include cost planning, value engineering, value management, feasibility studies, cost benefit analysis, life-cycle costing, risk analysis, tendering, valuation, change control, dispute resolution, claims management, project management, cost estimation and value for money assessments.
  • The QS's traditional independent role on the team comprising client, architect, engineers and contractor has given him a reputation and appreciation for fairness. This, combined with his expertise in drafting and interpretation of contract documents, enables him to settle issues, value the works fairly and regularly, project final costs, avoid disputes and ensure the effective progress of a project.
  • QS control construction costs by accurate measurement of the work required on a regular basis, the application of expert knowledge of costs and prices of work, labour, materials and plant required, an understanding of the implications of design decisions at an early stage to ensure that good value is obtained for the money to be expended.
  • The technique of measuring quantities from drawings, sketches and specifications prepared by designers, principally architects and engineers, in order to prepare tender/contract documents, is known in the industry as taking off.The quantities of work taken off typically are used to prepare bills of quantities (BoQ), which usually are prepared in accordance with a published Standard Method of Measurement (SMM) as agreed to by the QS profession and representatives of the construction industry. This activity is usually completed before the commencement of work on site on a traditional (BoQ) project, the Contractor will then price this document in competitive tender and be paid according to a measure undertaken on site and applied to each specific work item.
  • In Australia, the Australian Institute of Quantity Surveyors (AIQS) is the peak body for the Quantity Surveying profession. All Members of the AIQS are assessed for membership against strict criteria, and must adhere to a Code of Ethics and Code of Professional Conduct to ensure the highest standards of professional excellence. The AIQS website ( contains details of all members and is a useful source of information relating to the profession.
  • The benchmark for quality for a Private Practice Surveyor is the RICS's Chartered Membership MRICS & FRICS. The RICS also has the entry level non Chartered Membership AssocRICS. AssocRICS acts as a qualification in its own right however also offers a progressive route to Chartered RICS membership for able and willing candidates.
  • A number of surveyors who work with Contractors will not hold formal qualifications or RICS membership as in the past project based training was more widely undertaken and considered sufficient, this is slowly changing. Many of these surveyors will hold Chartered Institute of Building (CIOB) membership instead.
  • QS is prevalent in many industries (not just construction) as they are procurement and contract specialists with the ability to adapt techniques to suit the form of contract or work being undertaken.


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